Sunday, 19 May 2013

Thank you card bonanza

Hi everyone.

Hope you have all been keeping well. Winter is coming in New Zealand and today it just happened to pour down with rain.

Anyway, I've been sick home most of the week with laryngitis. I lost my voice completely so it was only reasonable that I had to stay at home seeing as I can't talk to patients at work! However, I did feel really bad all week leaving my colleague to cross-cover for a 2-person job! I will have to make up for it next week (our last week too!) and let him go home early.

One of my good friends always seems to be needing thank you cards and he asked for a few the other day. So I dredged out whatever motivation I had and made some.

In honesty, I am terrible at making thank you cards, especially when they are going to be given to guys! Masculine cards are my weakness and I have a horrendous time designing them. So naturally I ended up Googling a lot of images and got lazy in the end. People seem to like my crappy cards too (yeah, the ones I really don't like). So some of these may look similar to cards you have seen around the net.

I do apologise in advance not being able to specify any inspirational sources as I didn't take note of any!

This one is definitely a case... I just can't remember where I got the original idea from! Sorry!

Also got inspiration of this from another blog... and as always I cannot remember the link!

So yes, lots of thank you cards...

But anyway, Angela from work is leaving for Canada to do her fellowship. It seems that everyone is leaving ENT at the end of this month. I change over to General Medicine at the end of this week :'( and our fellow is also leaving soon. Seems to be a time of change.

Anyway, I got asked to make a card for Angela. Our outpatients charge nurse suggested I should have "will work for shoes" on the card, because she is into her shoes ;)

I probably did go overboard with stars, but I have been having lots of fun with the Star Gazer set so much I could not resist! Wait till you see some of my other creations (except I'm saving them up for submissions!).

 I decided we needed to have Bon Voyage at least somewhere in the card too... so it went inside the card.

 Anyway, thank you for coming by!

I am currently feeling incredibly lazy and will not list all the supplies & tools but you are all welcome to email me and ask. All stamp sets and dies were from Papertrey Ink (except the Labels 1 die from Spellbinders).

Hope you all have a nice day!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Belated May the 4th be with you...

So my weekend was a little busy, but all good because I managed to have a "Craftanoon" with some friends. I still don't have a single friend nearby who stamps as seriously as I do (that also happen to be in my age group!). However, it turns out my friends are into a bit of crafts and already had their initial "Craftanoon" making candles, and wanted something new. Therefore, with Mothers' Day looming ahead this weekend, we proposed to hold a stamping session.

I do admit, I managed to drag most of my posessions and overwhelmed the crowd. They did think it was all very cool though!

It was a little difficult to get much done as I spent most of the afternoon showing how to stamp and explaining what on earth that green machine called Cuttlebug was for.

Anyway, I did manage to make a Mothers' Day card. I was determined to use my new sets that had arrived last week. Hello, Foxy was out of question since I ripped the stamp into two after 2nd use :(

But anyway, here it is...

I also made a card before my Hello, Foxy stamp split into two. I had to make a thank you card to someone at the hospital who kindly donated an old radio for my Girl Guides to pull apart one night! :)

Hope you liked the cards. I am a little tied up sorting out raffle tickets for Crohn's and Colitis Group, so will hold off on listing all my supplies. If anyone wants to know where I got things from, it's all from Papertrey Ink!

See you laters!