Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Belated May the 4th be with you...

So my weekend was a little busy, but all good because I managed to have a "Craftanoon" with some friends. I still don't have a single friend nearby who stamps as seriously as I do (that also happen to be in my age group!). However, it turns out my friends are into a bit of crafts and already had their initial "Craftanoon" making candles, and wanted something new. Therefore, with Mothers' Day looming ahead this weekend, we proposed to hold a stamping session.

I do admit, I managed to drag most of my posessions and overwhelmed the crowd. They did think it was all very cool though!

It was a little difficult to get much done as I spent most of the afternoon showing how to stamp and explaining what on earth that green machine called Cuttlebug was for.

Anyway, I did manage to make a Mothers' Day card. I was determined to use my new sets that had arrived last week. Hello, Foxy was out of question since I ripped the stamp into two after 2nd use :(

But anyway, here it is...

I also made a card before my Hello, Foxy stamp split into two. I had to make a thank you card to someone at the hospital who kindly donated an old radio for my Girl Guides to pull apart one night! :)

Hope you liked the cards. I am a little tied up sorting out raffle tickets for Crohn's and Colitis Group, so will hold off on listing all my supplies. If anyone wants to know where I got things from, it's all from Papertrey Ink!

See you laters!


Steph Hilt said...

Euna these are great cards I had to look closely at the first one as it looked like a photograph of the beach you stamped on - when I enlarged it I could see you had created that background - is that watercolor? Little Foxy is so cute too! It was a good thing for you could introduce a new group of friends to your craft. That's how it all started for each of us!

cards by cara said...

Wait, what?!! You ripped the stamp in half? Awww, poor little Foxy!!