Thursday, 21 March 2013


Hello everyone! Sorry about having been MIA for some time now!

I had totally forgotten to update my blog and I just came to transfer photos from my camera, and it turns out there are a few cards I have been forgetting to share!

It appears that I have not updated this blog at all this year! Well... it is rather late, but Happy New Year! Hahahaha.

Well, a lot has happened in the last 3 or so months. I survived my first surgical run as a doctor with flying colours in my assessments :)

I finally had my jaw surgery to correct my underbite and I'm happy to say that it all went very well - so well that I had no post-op pain at all! It has been just over 4 weeks now and I am progressing well. Still have to stick to soft foods, but doing better each week. Apparently I now look quite different. My friends are having a hard time getting used to the "new me" lol

And as for crafting, I haven't had the chance to do too much. But photos suggest I have done more than I had thought. There are actually more cards, but I had to give them away so quickly that I had forgotten to take photos!

Anyway, hope these make up for my time away from action!

This is a card I made for a boy I know for his birthday. I always struggle to make cards for guys, but kids are a little easier. I hear he did love the card :)

 This was for my friends' wedding as I could not make it due to last minute roster changes :'( It's a very simple card.

Then another simple birthday card for a baking friend... she bakes at least 3 times a week but doesn't cook all that much!

A more summery card, to whom it was for, I do not remember...

My friend brought back Party Poppers set I bought back in December back from New York in February just after my surgery. I just got to play with it the other day!

And the cards turned out so well I had to make more but in different colours!

 I am keeping things rather short today, but hope you liked the cards.

I don't think I can sit down and write all the tools and stamps I used today, but if anyone is curious as to what I've used, don't hesitate to email me (see by my photo).

 Thanks for coming by!