Monday, 2 April 2012

Just a Random Note...

I've no cards to share still. I'll be home for Easter so hopefully something coming out of production line then ;)

I'm glad to see more people coming out to share their views of the latest PTI madness. And I have to say, I'm getting more and more frustrated at the number of green username initiated posts there are on the PTI forum <_< I still reckon the DT should stay out of customer service issues completely. And all those sunshine and rainbows on the forum like there is nothing wrong just make me sick in the stomach.

And just as a side note about the new Card Base-ics die mix ups... can't they just take a deep breath and send the correct one (and tell customers to keep the wrong one)? They should have order records to figure out who needs them without getting swamped with emails (which they can't deal with anyway).

I'm so frustrated with all this *ARGH*

And on a completely different note... HALLELUJAH! WPlus9 is bringing out heavyweight 100lb cardstock!!! I seriously hope they continue it and bring out some new colours + have them available in larger packs later :D Read about it here.

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