Sunday, 8 April 2012

Amigurumi Turtle

Hello everyone! Long time no post!

I'm back home for Easter weekend and trying very hard to make some cards while being utterly inspirationless. I wish I had my pre-Christmas inspirations back!!!

While I've been away in Timaru - now, I call my room the dungeon, because only 1 of 2 lights are working and it's very dim - I've been crocheting more dolls. I made the mistake of not taking any stuffings, so couldn't really finish anything off, but I managed to finish them off yesterday :)
This time round, it's a cute wee turtle!!!
We had family friend over last night, and as I was finishing it off, their 7yr old son was very very keen to have this (seeing as I gave his little sister the Lion & Bear toys - these can be seen in my previous amigurumi post). So I had to take a VERY quick photo in my parents' messy room and give it to him.

The shell, unfortunately turned out a bit bigger than the turtle but hey, it can fit a small mobile phone in it now hahaha.
You can get the pattern for this cute wee turtle on LuvlyGurumi's Etsy Shop :)

I have managed to make one card last night, so I'll try and share that later in the week when I'll have nothing else to share while I'm away. I've two more weeks of Psychiatry placement then I'll be back home for another 4 months, before I dash off to the beautiful Cook Islands for 3 months of medical elective!!!

Thanks for poppin' around again! Hope to see you all back later!


Deb said...

Love your lil' turtle! I can't wait to see your cards.

Kara said...

He's so cute!!