Monday, 5 December 2011

Quick update

Sorry about no new posts lately!

I've been really busy with class starting, and GirlGuiding camp over the weekend. I can tell you it was fun, with some madness here and there, but it was good. The sun was just SCORCHING hot the whole weekend, and I came close to getting roasted alive. I've been scrupulous with my sunblock and barely got a tanline - unfortunately I forgot the front of my neck and ended up with a red triangular patch of sunburn where my neck was exposed through the polo shirt lol
Anyway, no new cards today - sorry! I did make a couple but they had to be sent out ASAP before I could even take a photo.

I'll make another couple soon. And I've just bought another few sets from Steph so when it gets here, I'll be sure to be haivng fun. Did I mention Steph got me some Copics too? I just need the time to play with them more!

Anyway, thanks for comin' for a visit to this very quiet blog.

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