Sunday, 27 November 2011

Something Different for a Change

Hello everyone! I've been rather busy since school started back up and haven't had a lot of time to get stampin'. I thought I'd show you something quite different from stamping and cardmaking today.

Before I found PTI, I was a big crocheter. I still am, but I'd rather be stamping, because it takes so much less time. I'm not great at making scarves and what not, but I do have a knack at making soft toys (called "amigurumi"). In fact, this hobby led me to a crocheted flower tutorial on Nichole's blog, which in turn led me to PTI and got me stampin'!

I started crocheting 2 years ago. I saw this adorable bunny pattern on Etsy and just had to buy it - yes, before I even knew how to hold a crochet hook (I still can't hold it properly for that matter). So the pattern pdf came flying to my inbox and I just taught myself how to crochet a bunny using Youtube and a crochet basic instructions book. It's incredibly simple. Once you know how to make a magic ring, single crochet, increase/decrease stitches and know how to change yarn colour, you're able to make most of the basic dolls! No fancy pattern here and there. Just work away in circles ;)

So here are some stuffed toys I made over the past couple of years.

This is my very first bunny. Crochet's not quite tight enough, I've lost count of my row countless times and didn't stuff it enough. But hey, it's a bunny. What can go wrong?
 Here's the finished first bunny with some friends. I have made so many of these bunnies now, I've become very good at making them haha.

 This one's with a graduation bear I made for a friend. That grad cap was probably the trickiest part! Doesn't look it, does it?
  Next is a teddy bear. Pattern-wise, it's really not that different from the bunny.

A lion this time. The mane can come off, and it was so hard to figure out how to make it. I don't think I'll try making another lion in the near future.
Something more fun and quick! Donut cellphone charms! I bought lots of cellphone charms on Etsy to hook onto these and others (some shown in this post). Unfortunately they're a bit cheap and breaks off easily. I've heard from my friends that they broke off after a while :(
A donut lover! A mini elephant :)
It has a mini purple flower on its back too! 
This one's one of my favourite patterns. Love this bear. Takes longer to make than other ones, but the colour combination is just a charm. And the long arms and legs really look cute <3
   Mr. Snowman! This one's perfect for the coming Christmas. Except that it's the middle of Summer in New Zealand.
Another cellphone charm. This is the cutest wee poodle EVER! I gave it to my cousin, but I think it also fell off the charm... Just so you know, my hands look really big in the photo, but actually, most ten year olds have hands bigger than mine D:
 The next bear, is the first ever wee thing I made without a pattern. It's entirely original. It's not that hard really. It's just a matter of trying to get the ratios alright.
And last but not least!!! I saved one of my favs till the end. Mr & Mrs Bear were a gift for my parents' anniversary last year. I had a hard time crocheting with fluffy yarn. I swear you can't see the holes to put the needles into. I had to go with my guesstimation where each stitch should go to. lol.
 Hope you enjoyed this post! Something a little refreshing once in a while's not too bad huh?
If anyone wants to know where I got the particular patterns from, you're welcome to ask me (here or on the PTI forums!).


Gayatri said...

OMG, Euna! these are sooo ADORABLE. Can't believe these are your firsts. They look like somebody who already knows how to crochet has made them. You are very talented. Love them all.Well done:)

Elena said...

wow, wow, wow! they are all so adorable!!! if I had to pick a favorite (and I almost can't) it would be that lion! eek! and so cool to hear how crochet brought you to stamping! You should feature both on your blog - I'd love to see what you crochet once in a while as well as the stamping!

Jennifer Rzasa said...

My attempts at amigurumi never come out as good as yours!

Stamper for fun said...

OMG, all of these animals are just so ADORABLE. I can't believe all you have created in 2 years. I am wanting to learn to crochet. I have some hooks and thread/yarn but it's just sitting there waiting for me. You are so talented. I have to say I love Mr. and Mrs. Bear the most. They look so soft.

June K

Kay said...

Eek, squeal! These are the most adorable little creatures, so sweet, and beautifully done!

Joyce said...

These are so amazing. I've never heard of amigurumi, and never seen anything so cute. I can't believe you haven't been doing this your whole life. You must continue to show us your creations. They are fantastic--just like your cards.

Deb said...

These are fabulous! I started to crochet from Nichole's flower tutorial too! However, that is the only thing I have learned how to do. Keep showing us your creations!

Karen C. said...

These are all soadorable. I love the fluffy little bears you made for your parens.... well worht the extra time andattention.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Please, please, please let us know where you got the patterns from. They are so cute! I've been looking for some cute little animal pattern books in the local craft stores but I can never find what I want. These are ADORABLE! Awesome job you did!

carol (krillsister) said...

OMG these are so stinkin cute. I love them all. You should open an esty shop & sell them.

Tracey McNeely said...

Euna these are all so adorable. I think you did a great job of the bunnies--the grad hat looks like a grad hat. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy said...

Euna, I love all of your crocheted creations. I agree, you should open an Etsy shop! I would definitely be a customer.

Suzie said...

Oh my, these are fabulous! Truly adorable. :)

Steph said...

EEEEEE SO CUTE EUNA!!!!!!! EEEEEEE I wish I could commission you to make me a mini Kitty :)

That lion is so cute btw, I think it was totally worth the trouble <3 you are so talented hun

cards by cara said...

wow - you are super talented!! these are too cute for words ...