Friday, 12 August 2011

Die Storage with Memorex File-n-Store

Okay, technically, this blog isn't even officially open, but I got so excited about my new die storage that I just had to write something for future reference.

Last week I saw one of the older posts on Papertrey Ink forum by Kimberly about organising dies using Memorex File-n-Store box (it's a CD storage box). The moment I saw the post, I had to go get one myself! The boxes are just so cute and nice to look at.

So anyway, I did some web searching, and surprisingly there actually weren't that many in New Zealand. Luckily Warehouse Stationery had them in stock online. I was tempted to order online, but waited. I was down at one of their local stores getting a ream of printing paper, and did a quick check down the CD/DVD aisle and VOILA! they were sitting there! And even better, in red!

I am very excited having one of these around now. I only have about 4 PTI dies at the moment, but there's a lot more coming in my Stamp-A-Faire order, which has been in transit to NZ forever!

So here it is all opened up! Isn't it just lovely?

The box comes with 40 double-sided CD pockets. I might go buy some more pockets later ;)

And here's what I'd done with the die. The suggestion that Kimberly had was to put the die on one side of the pocket, and use the other side of the same pocket to store your die cuts! How brilliant is that idea? So that's exactly what I've planned to do.

I haven't gotten around to labelling the pockets. You might be able to see that there is a strip at the top for filing purposes. I'll get that done when I get my order, and I'll go put them all in alphabetical order! :D
Anyway, doubt anyone will be able to see this until I open this blog in a few month's time. But thanks for visiting anyway! lol


Lou Spiden said...

HI Euna - how many CD's do you think the box would hold?

euna said...

Hi Lou. The box comes with 40 pockets and they're double-sided ones, so it should take in at least 80 CDs. But having just fit about 10 into the pockets, I think it may even fit up to 100? It's a rough estimate though.

carol (krillsister) said...

I use this system for my dies and I love it. I have begun to put the cut dies I decided not to use in the back pocket. this is nice too.