Saturday, 20 October 2012

Back in New Zealand!

Hi everyone,

I'm back in New Zealand a little earlier than initially planned (1st November) from Aitutaki after having had a scooter accident and receiving a wound that would have been better dealt with at home. Wound is slowly getting better for those worried. It is being followed up by Orthopaedics at the hospital, so if anything goes wrong, at least I am in the right place for it.

On the bright side, you now get me back in the crafty world and hopefully I will get my crafty mojo back soon. It will be quite busy over the next few weeks as I try to find a new place to live (moving out of home at last), try and study for one little exam in early November (it's one I'm allowed to fail!), write my elective report and get my life back together before work starts on 22nd November!

I did make a new purchase on PTI the other day, so hopefully that will get me kick-started on my Christmas cards as it is approaching FAST.

A little teaser on the photos that will be up on the other blog... ;)
My elective blog, Asian on Aitutaki, will also continue to be updated for those who want to hear stories and see some awesome photos of a tropical paradise.

Thanks for your patience and I will be back in a tick! :)

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Deb said...

So sorry to hear about your inury. Can't wait to see your fabulous Christmas cards!