Thursday, 3 May 2012

Still have cards left to share!

Hello everyone. 101th post as promised!
I'm up to about 16-17 cards for Steph now. And I've hit that point where I can't even be bothered taking photos of them (haha). But here are a few I made last week that I already had photos of! 

The first card's a rather 'busy' card. I think I put a tad too much on it, but when you are told to not have sentiments, you really need something as an accent.

  Next card, is pretty simple in contrary to the previous. I had to make use of the Everyday Button Bits set and I decided someone had to like biking. Haha. This card is so green it could almost pass off for St Patrick's Day card.

And simple balloons card... Doesn't get much simpler does it?

Sorry I'm not in much of a talkative mood today. I think that last post takes a bit of time to recover from because it took me probably a good hour to write up!

My brother's 21st is this weekend, so I'd better get cracking and make him some card. I don't even know what to get him for his birthday. He already has all the cool stuff I'd have gotten him. And I've rather been preoccupied playing with Dad's new Samsung Galaxy Note he got from work. I might just buy one too... because it's awesome (just a bit too big) - unless that new Samsung Galaxy being launched later today hits NZ any time soon.

Anyway, thanks for coming around :)

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Winnie said...

Your cards are so lovely. The balloon one just popped out at me. Love the shape of the front panel and the simple 3 colors makes it so lovely. Love the bike with the button wheels and the floral one is so pretty..All very versitile.